Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So here it goes, my first blog post. Let me first start with saying that the word “blog” is atrocious, or I think so, and this is about what I think so it’s from here on out nixed. Here forth “blog” will be journal or diary, or some other variation that doesn’t suit a twelve year old. Moving on, I’m 24 years old, this September I’ll be married for five years to Jacob, and I have two adorable boys. Isaac, my first son, is 33 months old and it’s been noted that he has the hair of a cherub. He does, he’s a very handsome and a trouble-making toddler. Kyle, my little sunshine is 6 weeks old, he is adorable and sweet-tempered.

So I’m a mama, it’s my fulltime, 24/7 job, but on the side I also write! So there will be journal entries about writing as well, I will also be participating in Teaser Tuesday, this is what the writing community does on their blogs, forums and other sites, I’ll put up a post with a piece of my writing. This teaser will be of one of my main stories/novels or sometimes a poem I have written. I hope I don’t bore you too much with my incessant ramblings and odd thoughts and whatever nonsense I put up here. I look forward to this new venture and want to take you with me into the land of unknown mama-ness, writer-ness and craziness!

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  1. Both of your children are indeed cherubic and I'm way looking forward to your telling of adventures in momma-land. May they all be happy times!