Friday, March 11, 2011

Somebody has to say it!

Moving with children is difficult!
It’s not so easy as just doing it! Some have even told me, girl, stop cleaning, you should be packing. But with a 3-year old and 8-month old….what? The balance of packing and keeping things clean is so delicate it can break at any given moment.
In an attempt to ease the pains of moving I have scoured the internet for advise on what other mothers do to survive. My findings have been, as of yet, useless. So, I scratch my head…what in the world will it take to keep the balance between daily new and beginning a new one?


If someone, like myself, were to think that they could find a balance in the chaos of packing with a toddler running around…insanity is all to be left. Fact is, chaos is the middle name of any toddler, and chaos is part of packing. A double-dose of insanity in this case, as “they” say, insanity is doing the same thing over and o’er expecting different results.
So it must be said, no matter what advice is out there, surviving a move with children is truly difficult.
So through this journey, I’ve found that I have my own list of advice, it’s just a matter of sticking to it!
1. Buy new crayons/markers and a brand new coloring book.
          -Sit Isaac down with it while folding clothes, cleaning and packing.
I have found Isaac to be counter-productive. If I fold clothes, he unfolds them…and so on.
2. Do things while everyone sleeps!
          -This seems to require taking a nap with the children during the day. Let’s face it, staying up once until 2AM packing and progressing for a move is fine…but if you need to do this more then once you will weear yourself out. Neither you or your family need a tired mommy trying to figure out if she’s scooped 2 spoons of formula into a bottle or three.
          -Also, it’s to be noted that your mood will be better, during this stressful, hectic time if you have adequate sleep- but also productiveness!
3. Break those rules you’ve worked so hard to instill. There is no harm in your toddler watching a movie while you pack their room or any room for that matter.
          -Isaac likes to be “up my butt” in all things!
4. If you’re moving far, stop buying meats and frozen goods a little before the move date.
          -Waste not, what not, and so forth.
5. This is the biggest of them all. Assess your situation, belongings and what your new situation will be.
          -Toss out everything you don’t need.
          -Sell what you are comfortable in replacing.
This is where less is more! Less to pack, less to spend on moving. Less fuss and muss. All equaling less stress!
6. Take good healthy breaks, take walks, get out of the chaos
          -This benefits everyone. And everyone being happier and calmer, makes you happier and calmer!
7. Have the right supplies.
          -Boxes, bubble wrap, tape!
Label all of your boxes/bags/what have you. Room it will go in, and items within it.
          -Toys, coloring and craft items for children and so forth!
Make sure to do your children’s room last, or as close to last as possible.
8. Follow the advice your family could use!
          -They say to let the children pack their own things. With how Isaac is, this is not possible! Instead he can color boxes (especially if they are holding his stuff)
-Be sure to tape the box up first! Haha, or you’ll find yourself re-packing!
9. I have no number 9. :D
10. Turn off the television. Turn on the music. Dance around, act silly, get your kids to play along.
          -The good old-fashioned radio. However, I hate commercials, they grate on one’s nerves. You need you nerves in tact!
          -Internet Radio. Pandora. Youtube, and various other methods of listening online to music you love.
          -Your Cds.

Okay, so that’s my list.

In the end, I think that no matter the often crappy advice out there, and now we can include my own…you must always remember that there is NO one-size-fits-all when it comes to moving. You just have to know what works for you and yours. You have to try to remember things like the fact that even though you are creating chaos beyond measure that things in the end:
          -Will be all right!
          -That life must stay as normal as possible. Delicate balance.
          -That you still need to breath to continue on with the packing progress. :D

So breath, post about what has helped you. What you hope will help you. Rant your little heads off and then get back to it! As I am...

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