Monday, December 12, 2011

Obsessing Over Dust Ruffles

Upon my latest obsession and research I found out that bumper pads are “out” for safety reasons. At first I took this well, then pondered upon it and then decided even if it wasn’t out, that it should be. I remember often being annoyed by the fact that I could not see directly into my children’s crib because the damned things were in the way. Apparently the risk of a child hurting themselves by limb going through crib slats are so slim that the pros of not having one outweigh that risk.

So to make up for the loss of a bumper pad, taking in the fact that I want to make my own nursery bedding set, I’ve turned to the dust ruffle. I am on a search for the most ridiculous, beautiful, eye-catching, mother-fucking crib skirts ever!

I have found a few gorgeous, breath-taking ones and based off of them I have come to the golden rules for stunning crib skirts:

1. Longer is better. Your dust ruffle should be at least floor length or more! Flowing! (Think of the things you can hide under there!)

2. The fabric should be full, it should have a look that doesn’t make one feel as if it’s stretched from one end of the crib to the other. You need some slack and ruffling of the fabric to enhance its effect.

3. There should be something eye-catching about it. Whether it be a pattern, soft white with blue polka dots or a fringe of pompoms.
It could just be the pure elegance of the fabric itself or some bright color that catches the eye but doesn’t overwhelm the feel of your theme.

4. The crib skirt should be at least three-sided. There are sets out there that come with a front-only dust ruffle, this can be fine in some situations…but the sides are also important. The back of the crib…not so much.

I’ll also note, upon researching this and looking at the gorgeous fabrics and the numerous options…there is no reason in hell why this fabric couldn’t be repurposed when the days of the crib skirt are over. A darling skirt for you little princess, new curtains or valances, or you can just keep them to pass down…I’m sure there are many more things!

The Ava Crib Skirt by Glenna Jean

2. The Latte Kiss Crib Skirt by Nava

3. Pompom Fringe by Modern PeaPod

4. I just want to put this page up because there are a lot of eye-catching beautiful crib skirts and for good prices too.
Mod Peapod, Catalog, Crib Skirts Page
5. The Casanova crib skirt by Nava…if you wanted to find it(use the link for 2, it's a Boys set). ( I will warn that Nava does not seem to sell pieces seperately and the stuff is expensive as hell...but oh, so pretty!)

I’m still looking into fabrics and things that would go with the theme I have chosen for my girls nursery and evaluating the cost of making a remarkable dust ruffle myself…I might even change my mind on the theme but I can post about that another time when I don’t have that nagging fear that someone will “Steal it” or something silly along those lines.

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