Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love....

I love the good beginning to what looks to be a long week and month.

I love the way my children look at each other, and though they are young it’s apparent how much they love one another.
I love the way Kyle holds his blankets or my hands close to his chest in a grip that says he never wants to let go.
I love the way Isaac loves all people. Though it’s sad for him when they go, he enjoys every minute they are here.
I love knowing that I’m appreciated and cared for more then I had realized.
I love that I can actually cook without destroying food, and people love it. Even when a meal has ingredients they truly dislike.
I love the way the boys laugh and giggle.
I love that I must not be the worst Mom…there are much worse and my boys are quite happy.
I love that even when Isaac has gotten into a bit of trouble he knows he can always come to me if he’s hurt.
I love how my baby can sleep, without a worry in the world.
I love that when people leave my home they are happy, and not because they’re happy to get the hell out of here.
I love that my husband loves me, even when I give him hell.
I love that I can sit here with endless things to write that I truly love.
I love that I can sing to my baby, and he doesn’t mind my awful singing abilities *as I sing to baby*

So, what do you love? I mean truly love, not like "I love icecream."

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