Friday, October 1, 2010

Inspiration. Writing #3

This blog, as indicated in the title is about inspiration. Inspiration can come in many forms, and often many places for writers…if I were asked where mine comes from I’d probably have to shrug my shoulders! My stories are just somewhere with in me, how could I explain that I knew about Scaeras’ and their abilities, where they come from and why. If you are wondering about them as well…I’ll give you some clues at a later time. As a good friend of mine asked:
“Are you laying in bed when your character comes to life or are you inspired by seeing a cloud in the shape of a dick?”
I work on fantasy, urban fantasy for the most part. Have done other genres as well, however urban fantasy is in my heart and knocking around my marbles. I can’t ignore this compulsion. The only way I can explain:
When I started to write Dead Moons, it started off with a male main character, I thought he was it, the main deal. Until, someone stomped on a marble and demanded to be introduced, and there she was. The main character of all main characters, the one that holds all the cards, and she’s a bitch! No, maybe bitch is too harsh.
I can’t say that I’m inspired by things I see, though I admit that music helps in writing, though it’s more for setting the mood for a scene more then anything. If I’m going to write about the death of my main character, which happened by the way, I can’t be listening to “Don’t worry, be happy” or some random pop or new dance music. No I went to (I would like to note, that if you change your audio device (the Equalizer) to “Powerful” it’s more effective)

So for me, music has an impact on my writing process, but not inspiration. In the end, the inspiration ultimately comes from somewhere within me. No I’m not psychotic, but the people in my head want their stories to be told, and I’m happy to oblige. Though it’s not always easy, and I have often wished I could sit and write an outline, and know ahead of time, therefore it can finish in better timing. But to be honest, I think it would be crap in the end. My muse, Ilaria Sophia…has been quite helpful in the past but she’s only a motivator and helps me find the “right words” when I’m fighting the fog.
I would like to add, that I do sometimes, though rarely get inspiration from things around me, or find out about stories at the oddest moments…like while I had been changing my first son’s diaper last year. Bam, there was another…I know, odd.
Where does your inspiration come from? What are your thoughts on inspiration and what do you wish could be different about yours?

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