Monday, September 13, 2010

Less is…less? (Writing)

I’m working on my newest WIP, 27, trying to find “the balance”. There are many different things that need to be balanced in writing, but what plagues me most is descriptive writing. In Dead Moons I was quite descriptive but some say that it can actually hurt being too descriptive. It’s hard to know if I am too descriptive. In 27, I’ve been trying to be overly descriptive but I’ve found that I don’t care for it as much. Less description leads to, well, less on many elements. One, I’m thinking that it’s not enough to place a reader in the situation and story. Two, I am starting to hate it, even I can’t place myself in the story. One thing I realized is that my son Isaac is a big help! I sit here with him in my lap and read the story to him, this gives me a clarity for the story that I don’t get from merely reading it in silence. As I do this I realize the points that don’t abode well for the story and what needs more description or change. I still need to find a balance with my new useful tool, surely I could read it aloud to myself, but that just sucks! Plain in simple, sucks.
Maybe I shouldn’t be too concerned with some of these aspects when I’ve barely begun this book, but finding this balance as fast as possible I think is crucial. If I can find the balance then the rest will be a breeze and I won’t waste time concentrating on such things, it will also make editing later better…

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