Saturday, September 11, 2010

“A Mother’s Tear.”

“A Mother’s Tear.”
By Calixus Koffey

By Calixus Koffey

A mother’s joy turns to fear,
Her brave young man wipes her tear.
“Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be fine”
She tries to smile at his usual line.
His pack he shoulders and he joins the crowd,
off to war, to make her proud.
“I love you baby and please be safe”
He waves and smiles at her call from his place.
The plane is full and her heart stutters,
“Cause I won’t be there to help.” She quietly mutters.
She watches as the big jet slowly rises
wondering what will be his surprises.
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,
Our brave young men and women go to do what they can.
A few encouraging words from me and you,
are all these people expect as their due.
As a mother that has sent two men to war,
I have to silently wonder what it was all for.
We have lost so many brave souls over there
And yet with all the horrors, the rest of the world does not care.
America is strong and can handle the fight,
We will just watch the struggle on the news tonight.
I hope that our children will understand that it is for their own future
That my child and yours have been shot at, ridiculed and tortured.
The next time you see a young man or young woman dressed in their fatigues
Give them a smile and a thanks if you please.
They have given a piece of their soul
Trying to make our world once more whole.

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